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Reviews for "The NES Pad"

Very nice!

That looks just liike the original, I originaly thought that you took a picture of one, but now that I see its floating, I know you made it. The background color you chose also makes the illustration of the controller look very bold. I like it. Good Work!

Not as good as your usual

The model of the controller itself is good, and I liked the original NES too. Nostalgia aside, though, the picture has oddities. The perspective is too strong, like a fish-eye lens; there's a reflection on the red buttons, but nowhere else, which could be fixed merely by changing the lighting; the background is very boring, especially compared to the detail level of your other work; and the cord looks silly suspended like that.
I wouldn't be so harsh, except that your other work is so exceptional. Compared to that, this is pretty blah.

Brings back childhood memorys..

back in the good ol' times,where "BattleToads" made children cry out in anger in frustration, when Super Mario jumped upon some evil pixels...this is,by all means,the first real gaming console.

Ah, look at those jagged edges!

That screams pre-ergonomics all over! Insanely dificult japanese games with equally uncomfortable controllers. I love the spirit of Nintendo, but the nostalgia of this picture equals the nostalgia of those old school phones you had stick your finger in and spin the dial to dial 1 number.


Nothing says "oldschool" like that controller. I think I might just have to go power on my old NES when I get home^_^