Reviews for "BizarroGirl"


Reminds me of Foxy Brown. I do say as a brown skin gentleman it's nice to see a brown face on here.


man i love the colors! (thats not a black joke) i love it! shes very pritty btw hahaha reminds me of a black betty boop! nice work keep it up

Nicely Done

Good use of colors, I liked that you outlined your figure to give her a little more pop from the background, pen strokes overlayed on the pixels adds a bit of dynamic flair.
Thumbs up.

purefey responds:

Yeah, I had fun making the background. Thanks bro!

Really cool

makes jsutice to bizarro
i love those brest's wieght and the belly curvature bizarrostyle
glad you maintained the esence ^^

nice one!

I love bizzaros work, and your coloring did his work justice

purefey responds:

:3 I like justice.