Reviews for "BizarroGirl"


I like it, it reminds me of a black betty boop or someshit. Tight!

Whoa, shit.

I legitimately thought that it was animated as I read the comments. It must be the background, but if you look somewhere else on your computer screen and pay attention to the woman out of the corner of your eye, she appears to grow. Or I'm just full of a whole lot of shit. You decide.

I like this, though. It's interesting to see this explosion of accentuated female figures from so many talented artists. Maybe I just haven't been on the right sites to have been seeing them, but BizarroJoe and Egoraptor were the first artists I had seen to have used this kind of style. And I really like the white outline; very fun and comic...y...

purefey responds:

Full of shit.

And yeah, their style is very disproportional, but it works in a cute and sexy way.


Wow dude!
I have got no idea who does this girl resemble. (no offense)
But I think you got a perfect figure of what race you are trying to draw.

Art Trade?

The Girl is filled with mosaic fun :D