Reviews for "BizarroGirl"

that's mad hot!

Dude this looks just like Bizarro Joe's Style! She is mad hot!! I love that sexy pose. I'd like to see more like this :)

purefey responds:

It IS. If you read my description I coloured one of his sketches, with his permission.


Hell yeah... now thats what i call Bizarro style... fantastic pixel styled background with them smoooth curves and lines... athough im pritty sure i have seen the linework for this picture before... hmmm... anyway... lovely job mel :D 10/10

purefey responds:

Yes, like I said in the description I just coloured one of his posted sketches, with his consent. I hope he likes it! xD


I love the style! Great job!

RedHarvest: Photoshop, you can add a stroke to the image making an outline of any size you like.

really cool!

i like that giant outline! is there an easy way to put a big outline on something like that?

purefey responds:

double click on the layer you want to outline, select stroke and voila. (PS - PS4)


I like it...
But i think legs are too big=)