Reviews for "BizarroGirl"

i got it!

Black Betty Boop and a bee= Bizarrogirl.

I really enjoyed the colors you used, you rocked it...nice job.

this is awesome :)

ilove this pic its cute. imight attempt to draw this sometime xD

<3 this pic

this uoozes awesomeness

Wow! And Frontpage to boot!

BizzaroJoe's gonna love this.
I just know it. lol

Too bad it's not one of your own, and just a coloured sketch though.
For a while I thought you just dreamed this up and nailed the style on the first try.

Either way, it's still a very flattering tribute, and i'm sure he'll love it.
Grats on your second frontpager!!!!

purefey responds:

He better love it! :D I got him frontpage! :D

Fanks :B


booty...that is all...