Reviews for "BizarroGirl"


Damn...straight.... :D


when the ass is at a higher elevation than the tits


I'd lie if I wouldn't admit I was dying to see if Mel was really going to do this. I like to see fresh approaches to my style and see what they add to the pic. And it had to happen precisely a day I couldn't browse the net. That's so typically me. <: )
You gotta love those colors. Brown skin+Yellow clothes = A win. It was a bit unexpected from me to find a hot mama here... Your very own pocket-sized Cleopatra Jones. Don't tell me it doesn't sound good.
She has some merit, You know. The original drawing was made on very low-quality recycled paper so the ink tend to bloat badly. That means extra work to make it look good, especially when blown out to a bigger size.
And that background puts the icing on the cake. Exploding pixels in-your-face.

Great work, girl. You really turned a caterpillar into a butterfly.
A kick-AAEESS butterfly.

Thank you.

purefey responds:

Daww! No, thank you! I love to try new styles, and yours was just hard NOT to! I love the bg too, since everyone's been submitting pixelized games recently I decided to throw that into the mix. :)




I'm not sure who Bizarrojoe is; but this pic reminds me of something that Ralph Bakshi might come up with if he tried to draw Betty Boop.

purefey responds:

Go check him out! http://bizarrojoe.newgrounds.com/