Reviews for "I Am A Tree"


You're the new Jack Johnson. Every time I have a girl listen to your acoustic work, they go absolutely apeshit. Keep it up man.

Kingbastard responds:

pass on their emails, hahaha:D

great peice of music

lol great song! make a flash to go with it. :p
this should be in the all time best tracks.

Wow! This is just amazing, simply amazing.

It has the best sound quality I have ever heard here on Newgrounds!


totally excellent!

Loved this.

What more can I have to say.

Not at all my style of music, Although i dont mind acoustic. Its really, without sounding corny, poetic, and kind of funny in a wierd way, due to it being about, well, a tree.

You have a gift, and I hope you use it as well as possible! Great!

Kingbastard responds:

it's not actually about a tree, but about me, but no-one seems to get that, 'I AM A TREE' et al:D