Reviews for "I Am A Tree"

One of my all-time acoustic favs

The simplistic lyrics are so laden with deeper meaning as to be poetic, and the unique, minimalist chords seem almost lacking, which only adds to the sense of emptiness pervading this beautiful song. The tune doesn't drag on and become repetitive, and your singing shows an excellent awareness tonality and emphasis. All given a hollow resonance which only compliments the empty mood. Gives me the tingles (which is my grounds for a 5/5).

All in all, one of the best acoustic songs I've ever heard. Truly a gem.

Kingbastard responds:

thanks for the review, you sound like you've swallowed a descriptive musical thesaurus though:)

great again

that would be so good in some commercial about trees and the forest and stuff

i can see it already
keep makin these wow

Kingbastard responds:

yeah, it's all about the trees...................

amazing (want to hear more!)

wow. this is soo good. how come you don't make any more acoustic songs?
i have heard all of your acoustic songs and each on is amazing =D

i hope you haven't completely switched to electronic =P

Kingbastard responds:

ta, i'm an acoustic musician first and foremost, electronica is my hobby:)


The name of the song... I thought it was going to be some sort of crazy emo thing. But, no. It's actually about being a tree. How awesome is that? [insert funny 'it's so awesome, that' phrase here]

Kingbastard responds:


great but....

its a great song and your(i think its yours) voice is very good. the chords are simple but maybe a little too simple. and nice whistling lol i couldnt whistle like that if someone paid me 3 trillion dollars xD


Kingbastard responds:

too simple eh... that confuses me, surely if it works, it works, regardless of simplicity:)