Reviews for "I Am A Tree"


You can't call it funky shit but if i could i would. sequel? i am a shrub?

Kingbastard responds:

I was thinking 'I am a Shed' ? what u think:P


I mean the melody doesn't jump out at me as awesome but the lyrics themself make this a cool song. Very nice, sir. Really smooth and you have a nice voice(asuming that you're the one singing)
4/5 7/10


Kingbastard responds:

i am the one singing, ta for the 7

I love it!!!

I loved this. It was a very good. I have given some bad reviews, including a "0", but this gets a full 10.

Kingbastard responds:

thanks, gald you didnt 0 it:P


downloaded & added to my fav's:)

~very much sounded like chris martin from coldplay hehe.
~beautiful voice

Kingbastard responds:

well, i do try my best to sound like Coldplay, hahhahaha
cheers for the review, glad you liked the trk.

very great

also very very very original,
great job,
love your muisc,
keep it comin buddy :)


Kingbastard responds:

cheers john