Reviews for "I Am A Tree"


Friggen awesome song, Chris!
It really touches the inner spirit/soul/child.
I wanna learn to play the guitar now!

You should start selling sheet music. ;)

Kingbastard responds:

ahaha, if i could write music then I would:P i've put the basic chords here if you fancy a blast at it:) http://kingbastard.newgrounds.com/

thank you

this was exactly what i needed.

Kingbastard responds:

no prob, thank you:)


Amazing i am speachlesss this is stunning and absolutly just astaunashing ive just started listening to your music and i think its just mind blowing i really love the guitar and it has a nice melody i love the part when u whistel but anyways your music is the best music i have ever herd on newgrounds its awsome



I am...a bunny... :3!

Smooth man.

I usually listen to metal, but I'm a sucker for the occational acoustic piece. Coldplay and Jack Johnson are decent examples of my softer tastes. This song was great, loved it. Keep it up! (Viagra style)