Reviews for "I Am A Tree"


That song could be on the radio,WAHHHHH,and it's so sad :(.

It's a Nice!

God, this song is great. If you listen to the lyrics it makes you sad though :( Assuming trees have feelings like we do (Which they probably do, I love trees now =/ ). 10/10 Great job.

So sweet(:

Hey KB!
Havent reviewed in quite some time man!

You.. you.. why must you always amaze me so much! =D These are some awesome lyrics, it seems kind of depressing, yet not. Such nice chords.. Flashback moments of good times:3 The whisteling is so clearly recorded! Youve got a new mic dont you? hehe:P The part before that is so awesome.. The part where you sing higher, and you layered your singing, just awesome. Breathtaking emotional goodness, like all of your accoustic works.

Originality: Newgrounds isnt exactly full of works like you make them KB, youre still number one to me^-^
Diversity: Well, its just a minor edit you could have done. Add some bells or a string in the background after youve done your bridge with the whisteling. I think strings would have been best, since you could have made the part with the higher singing really powerfull with it. And it fits pretty well with an accoustic song.
Critism: Well, I just left my critism. Theres not much more to say. I love this song!


its a great song man,
the mood is there the feeling is there,
i love this :)
good job dude


Your Acoustic songs, are amazing. i really hope to hear more from the acoustic side of you :)

keep up the exellent work.