Reviews for "I Am A Tree"


this song is very simple, yet amazing. i love love love it!!! Beautiful. I love the lyrics and the whistling. Very good. Mucho cool points.

Kingbastard responds:

me likey cool points, im now one point away from getting a kettle.

This is nice.

Don't you think it really sounds like a song by 'The Flaming Lips'? But yeah it's quite a nice song - bit quite though.

Kingbastard responds:

i really dont think it sounds like the flaming lips, although they're a great band.
bit quiet eh? try using some good quality speakers or headphones, then it wont be so quiet:D

Nice ambient music

I could play this forever in my living room and it would never get boring, cuz it's such a nice song. Especially the whistling, very well done. Overall very nice soothing song that reflects human's being complete idiot's and destroying complete forest's.

Kingbastard responds:

Cool, glad you think it's a nice song.
Can i just set the record straight though, and this relates to other reviews, not just yours. This trk has nothing whatsoever to do with destroying rainforests, cutting down trees or anything to do with deforestation.
The 'Tree' is used in a metaphorical sense to relate to personal experience, if you take the time to listen to the lyrics it's really supposed to be about the struggle of growing up and being pushed into a world where you have no idea of what you want to do, and the poeple that were once there supporting you have long since disappeared. I know it's a little spurious, but that is the intention, so please, no more comments saying it's poignant because the trees need saving, that's really not the intention, although i wish it was:)

love the acoustic

very nicely done. It may sound stupid, but it somewhat sheds light on the fact that we as humans are consuming our planet to the point of destruction.

:) in my first life i was a tree

I was a tree in my first life! Do you know what its like being a tree? People dont like you and cut you down. When the tear off your bark its like pealing your skin off! My heart goes out...............