Reviews for "Sunshine"

Such of speechless, I suppose give it a six star but it won't let me. So I have lot respect for this one! Good job and keep it going!

This image... its... Soo highly detailed I cant describe how impressed I am looking at it.

This is what levels of High Definition?
Anyways I just couldn't find the best words to describe just how I loved this art. It bugs me
how real it looks... jeez even if you tell me you did just edit a picture, I'd still be thinking about
" Whoa that girl in the painting isn't real... Why'd she have to look so real" this is so pretty I could look at it the whole week and I wouldn't even feel sleepy, there is one thing though. I see a full body image and I see no marks I notice it isnt real sometimes, like when its on High def you always see a spot in her chest or her shoulder? Don't be mad at me for being too detalhistic! I know you used up all your time doing that and I couldn't have gotten anywhere close cause I'm just about a real amateur in this. Anyway I'd love to get some hints from you on using Photoshop, cause that is what I tried to use to make my painting and you seem to know how to use it since you created such a beautiful piece. Review my next posting! I'd love that.

Very good, but... is she Roberta Murgo?


Wow, hand drawn too, this is amazing!

It's look so real. :D