Reviews for "Sunshine"


The picture is so awesome and realistic that it seems to be a photo (with a hot girl!!)

The hair is so detailed, the body is so realistic... It's simply AMAZING!!
8 REALLY well spent hours!!


its perfect.


The detail, and realism is Phenomenal, keep- it up I want to see more.


Dude this is the first time I'm gonna say this but out of 5/5 you deserve a freakin 20!


This is truly amazing as far as digital media goes. At first I thought it was a photo looking at it in the downsized NG preview version, but then when I clicked "view fullsize" I can see all the individual strokes and gradient layers. I salute you, and wish that one day I can even be a quarter as skilled as you are currently.

SunnyRays responds:

oh thx, sometimes in art you just gotta find that magical piece of breakthrough...
like ...well I guess yesterday...seeing how its 3am now, I found a nice range of skin tones and a couple new tools in photoshop... I made my first custom brush :D
(for drawing hair)