Reviews for "Sunshine"


Wow, it looks almost like a real girl. So you can tell how amazingly good this is drawn. This is truly a beautiful piece of art. Keep this up, i'd love to see more of your work! 10/10, 5/5. If there was an 11, i'd give it.

This is amazing

This is the best drawing that i have ever seen on Newgrounds. This must have taken you so long.


The hair and the bathing suit is the only way to tell that this is fake. You did a damn good job.

I thought pictures weren't allowed!

That's what I thought when I clicked this picture. And then I realized that it's not a picture. This is just amazing. The detail. It looks so damn realistic. The hair, the face, the body. It almost looks real.

A masterpiece

This can easily be mistaken with a real picture from distance or if the person is not paying close attention. Congratz.