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Reviews for "Megaman!"


Love it!


I remember megaman having feet...hehe


.... Subject enough said

well done!

big fan of mega man and this is an awesome tribute!

Very cool picture!

What I liked most about this image was how sketchy everything looks. I always like to take a look at the things people have done into making something. It's nice that you really show your work. You get such a nice sense of appeal when you see his purple fingers sticking out like that. I really like how the shading shows off how cool this character is. It seems like he even has his feet implanted on the ground itself.

Congradulations on having one of the highest scores I've ever seen! It shows how much you can represent with just a single image. I don't remember him having shades of purple like that. It's still nice because it's a bit of a different take on the character and he's already been done so many times before. Exclamation points make everything look cooler.