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Reviews for "Synthetic [Epic Sci-Fi Trailer Music]"

Glad to see you post stuff on this site again :3

Awesome work as usual!

In a website full of amateur and semi-contestable music, your work is always one of those hidden gems on this site. Keep up the great work. I may be looking to you and your work for an animated passion project!

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thank you very much Mohakade! That is a fantastic complement. Hit me up whenever you are interested in a filmscore. All the best!

Absolutely stunning!! I mean I have no words to describe how good, intense and chilling this music is! I used this music to my geometry dash level and people are impressed by your music! Here is a link to a video of my level: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpuCLV4tqoU

I hope it is okay if I can use some of your music in geometry dash, I think it will attract more viewers because you deserve much more! You make incredibly good music and I never thought I would find something so good on a website where most people make music on garageband in less than an hour. Impressive, keep up the amazing work!!

EvilRaccoon responds:

Hi Nightlex, I'm glad you enjoyed using the track! This track was used as a test track and thought I'd upload to NGs for some fun, like I did back in the day. Whatever is here on Newgrounds you are free to use in Geometry Dash. I only ask in return you credit me in your description, with a name and link to the channel.


All the best!