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Reviews for "[ d i s t i l l ] (demo)"


This songs relates to me so much I feel like I relate to you so much

Kingbastard responds:

that's so cool, thanks for the rview.


It make's me feel sad, in a good way
Also, your voice couldn't fit any better :)

Ironic I found this...

This song is unbelievably outstanding... I just recently got out of a rough relationship and this song explains it in so much detail... Its very ironic and somewhat scary that I found this about 4 weeks after it all happened. This song really helped me out when I was feeling like shit about it, its hard to explain how incredable this sounds and how much it really helped... But I will say this, if anyone deserves a contract in the music business its you, there isn't a band or song out there that can shift emotion like this one does... I wish you the best and I hope you publish the final version very soon, I can't wait at all. Thank you for creating this song, I take it you went through even more of a rough situation as I did but if it was to revolutionize not just mine but at least 90% of the people who listen to it's lives then I have to say you got much more out of it and so did we... I wish you the best of luck, and again Thank you so much...

Kingbastard responds:

no prob man, i just wrote a piece of honest music:D


This song is absolutely amazing, I really don't want to be someone that keeps asking for tabs or chords but I would really love to be able to play this tune. You might look into making a instructional video deal if your not good at witting tabs.


good tune. very deep and kind of sad but in a happy kind of way. time to move on...