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Reviews for "[ d i s t i l l ] (demo)"

I like this song a lot!

You're an awesome singer and guitar player. I can't stop listening to this. It's plain awesome man I think you could've done with a lot more singing though. Still good. WAY TO GO YOU BASTARD! haha

Kingbastard responds:

you're probably right, this is a demo after all, i hope one day i'll make this into a bigger and better trk, but atm, it's just not gonna happen, cheers for reviewing:)


You have a very good voice, and the meaning to this song is to never change. Well that's what i got out of it. In fact to your second review below this one he/she's right, you should achieve a record deal that way we can hear you on the radio. That would be awesome to hear this very song. It would change many people to heart and this song honestly almost made me cry, just like that guy in the movie. Recognizing this is very wonderful. Distill the unhopefuls out of life, and achieve whatever is that you seek. Keep it up to whatever is that your doing!!!!!!!!!! :)

Kingbastard responds:

thank you. The meaning of the song is not necessarily to never change. Infact it's quite the opposite, but, whatever people get out of it is cool by me:)
Thanks for the lovely review.

good job

with professional recording this song would be better than many of the songs we hear on the radio.

keep it up and work on getting signed if you haven't already. unless that's not your goal, then keep doing what you do.

Kingbastard responds:

cheers man, im not signed, but hope to be soon:D


Truly deserves respect.
Vocals = perfect. :D


I heard a slight bit of this in the Composer and had to listen to the rest.

I envy the guitar and the vocals are just perfect for the mood of the song.

What really lures me in is the guitar, the complex simplicity (if you understand what I mean) of it draws me in and amazes me.

Unless my ears deceive me, there isn't a single flaw in this piece.

Terrific job once again!

Kingbastard responds:

there are many flaws in this trk:D i obviously am not going to point them out, but, there are loads:D ffs, i was chewing gum whilst making this trk and at one point you can hear me 'masticating':D
thanks very much for the review