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Reviews for "[ d i s t i l l ] (demo)"

I like it

very nice, my one minor complaint is when your voice crackles. just back off on the volume a bit and it'll sound the same as the rest of your singing, but the song is amazing, it's just you're pushing your voice a bit too loud.

Kingbastard responds:

it's called emotion:D I cant help my voice cracking, I just sing as best I can and be honest, fuck the crackling, bloody minor quibble nonsense.

nothing like modest mouse

Very good though

Kingbastard responds:

I agree, nothing even remotely similar to modest mouse:)

Common Understanding

I can appreciate how hard it is to come up with a melodic song on a guitar, and even more cuase I find it hard to make a simple progression into a masterpiece. I'l try to get a microphone so I can get my piano work in newgrounds. From a fellow musician, your work is to be remembered.


at first it reminded me a little like modest mouse

it would be modest mouse if your voice was.

but good song anyway makes you think of your life.


i don't normally listen to this kind of songs........
but i actually listened to the end of this one....
respect man....... respect!