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Reviews for "[ d i s t i l l ] (demo)"

Really good

Blares a bit when it reaches a peak here and there (sorta forces you to turn down the volume a bit), but overall, it's great.

Kingbastard responds:

yeah, it was recorded in one take with guitar and vox so I didnt really have a chance to sort the levels completely.


I'm a big fan of acoustic anything, especially guitar, and you do a fantastic job in this piece. I really like the melody; it's simple and flowing, very peaceful, very easy on the ear. The guitar sounds clean and bright, especially the bass, and is a perfect counter to your higher voice; you and the guitar balance each other wonderfully. You have a great voice for the song as well. A little rasp and strain adds a lot of color to such sad and heartfelt writing, and it's clear you're singing with a lot of feeling (which definitely helps it not be cheesy). I know this is no longer the original demo, but i would've enjoyed hearing how this progressed from way back then. Nonetheless, fantastic work.

i like this song a lot

But, isn't a demo like unfinished. If it is unfinished i think you should finish it. That's what all the cool kids are doing ya know?

Kingbastard responds:

it's not unfinished but a one-off demo recording I did. I was going to add more at the time but then I liked it as it is. I have since cleaned up the recording and mastered it so it sounds better, however I can't edit the name on here as it's linked to an animation.

Thanks for the review.


Touching. I love it

Nice =]

Best song on Newgrounds, period :) Its beautifull!


Thank you for your time.

-[ BeatSource ]-