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Reviews for "Picka-CHEW"

Its great art, but I don't agree.

The compositional value and the work put into this are amazing. The colors, shading, texture, and fading are excellent. You even introduced a golden mean kind of view point in the character positioning. But know that I personally do not find this kind of picture appealing. I am not saying the content is unreasonable, I just find it somewhat disturbing when Pikachu eats Ash, and then craps on his corpse. Great work, and I will rate you fair.


That is just how it is, truly an epic things. He had it coming, no?

Art that the Whole world should see

nice love it its about time someone drew a picture of ash dead by the hands of his favorite Pokemon Pikachu


Just wicked
I luurve the gums in PAKICHUBE


thats perfect the fact its shitting is great