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Reviews for "FLCL: Commission"

FLCL is such a weird and amazing show and you did a great job capturing that vibe here.

The design is very well worked, I love it

Good job

Haruko may be a space pirate, but she can also succ me dry. Please. Do it Haruko. PLEASE.

Nicest drawing I've seen for quite a while, anywhere (Newgrounds, Danbooru, Reddit). I know it's not an original character, but I like these interpretations better anyway, because the core characterization is already really good and established.

(1) Nice reflection on the thighs and face to show smoothness and fat.
(2) Matte/high contrast on the uniform gives a retro-feel but also softness from the somewhat pastel colors. Kinda like persona art, but with softer colors.
(3) Reflection on goggles is glass yet soft with thin or no lines. It's great because it's like the image is built in layers, with the important parts reflective. The goggles lie in between.
(4) Nipples. heh. Nice.
(5) Backlit and frontlit (?)

Anyway, this is one of less than a handful of images I've ever stopped and looked at in more detail because they were so interesting.

AetherionArt responds:

Thanks a bunch! I'm always happy to read stuff like this about my work! This is one of the most insightful.