Reviews for "Space Duck"

RE: theRedPress

theRedPress, It is a cover of a song by R.E.M. off of the album "Out of Time".

Good cover. almost forgot about this song!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

while i'm glad you like it, it is not a cover of an REM song. The chords in the verse are Em G Bm D, it is a common chord progression used in a lot of music. i usually try to stay away from using such common pop stuff but the variations on this one made it too catchy not to use. i will have to find this track you speak of, let me know what the name is.


That sounds awesome. I want to hear more.


It's got a nice groove, nice beat, and great use of instrumentals. Great Job.


Lovely lovely =]

Catchy stuff!

My friends and I are playing this in our band. We did a year ago, at least... It's a really nice toon with a great chord progression, I think. Thanks for giving us a song that we could play and have fun with.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i'd love to hear your version of it if you can record it somehow