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Reviews for "Space Duck"

Sweet!, just what I need!


I'm an editor from a popular video uploading site just for you and your music is just what I need thanks I'll give you the credit when I use it!


Have you been listening to Nephew, believe i know that piano. Sweet bro!

I listen to this song all the time

Its relaxing


I may have commented on this already, but it's worth commenting again, 'cause it's just brilliant. It's just spot on awesome. If you have not yet done so, consider a career in music, stuff like this'll make you rich.

I fully expect in 30 years time, for the name Sexual Lobster to be synonomous with epic movie soundtracks and awards. Off you go, get to work.

peace out

trippy. i love it. i cant stop listening. really relaxes the soul. i listen even as i write this review. its addicting man. they gonna have to put me back in rehab. i listened to this once when i lit up with my girlfriend on the beach, with the moon making a shining path on the water. it was pure, liquid, love. peace out