Reviews for "Space Duck"

Wow! ..a wonderful composition

Space Duck is one of my favorite flashes and the music, too
thanks for create this

have a nice day


Thats all i can say about it,its undescribable,
and the guy below me is creepy
\ /

This is on my ipod :3

Such beautiful music to go with such amazingly hypnotic animation. The sound and morphing flow you had were moving, united as a whole. That is what makes an animation an animation. Decisions like this. Keep up the good work, although I know you have since this is pretty old.


My favorite part is that little repetitive part at the end.

this is akward...

not the song...

this song keeps me calm, during the harshest of days, and has put peace and tranquility where it belongs, it has filled the air with the warmest of breeze and has saved my life quite a few times...

it is the most amazing thing ive ever heard, and i pray that you make more like this one... please...