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Reviews for "Space Duck"

Nice Man

Yo Man This Is Real Nice, I Mean, Puts Me In A Good Mood. Fo' Real; It's Nice.

Near perfection

OK this ONLY gets a 9 because the mix was muddy. You need to bring out the higher frequencies more. On another note this song reminds me of Texarkana by REM (alot of the chord progression is similar).

All I really need to say is if you sorted out the mix then this tune would be PERFECT, the instrumentation is on point (drums are lacking a bit though, I know they're meant to be submissive but you could've chosen better sounds for it), the composition is great but sometimes it feels like the piano isn't repetitive enough, like it doesn't have enough breathing space but that's only in the beginning when the piano's without accompaniment, it's hardly noticeable after the other instruments kick in.

Sick tune. One of the best I've ever heard anywhere. This has chart potential.
Oh well, enjoy the hell that is near perfection :P


I may have commented on this already, but it's worth commenting again, 'cause it's just brilliant. It's just spot on awesome. If you have not yet done so, consider a career in music, stuff like this'll make you rich.

I fully expect in 30 years time, for the name Sexual Lobster to be synonomous with epic movie soundtracks and awards. Off you go, get to work.

If there is justice in the universe...

...this plays when you die. Fantastic song and ADORE the flask work. Keep it up!

I listen to this song all the time

Its relaxing