Reviews for "Space Duck"

Sweet!, just what I need!


I'm an editor from a popular video uploading site just for you and your music is just what I need thanks I'll give you the credit when I use it!

no fair

my songs equally as good and i get sucky ratings : (

Pretty cool, but could use some work maybe.

I love the samples you use hear, it makes the song very relaxed (especially that guitar riff, which for me was the best part of the song. MEGA bonus points to you if you played that guitar.) But the song feels kind of empty throughout it, as if something was missing. I hate to say it, but I don't really even know how to describe it that well : /. The drums could have used better samples, and some of the tracks could have been a little more clear, and not so muffled. Not even sure if that really even made sense, sorry :P. But otherwise, I really like it, I can picture a duck just floating through space while listening to it, LAWL


nice song

woot onehundreth voter. i really like the melody and the beat its really catchy. i like how it stays the change but changes so much in the background pretty hack stuff

Reminds me of...

I can't quite put my finger on it. Some of it reminds me of a track from Final Fantasy 9, while some of it reminds me of, possibly Coldplay? I'm not sure. I hate it when I'm not sure. ^^ Great song anyhow.