Reviews for ""Kid" prank to pizza place"


OMG LOL! That little kid vocoder is fucking incredible! It is so realistic! That was amazing. If i were the pizza man, i would seriously have thought you were about 6 years old! Wow, that was great. The bit at the end wasnt that funny, i liked the bit where you said "i like large" that made me laugh, and the "i wanted a peperonis"

nice one man, do more with that voice.


whahahahah so funny, whahaha, reallly a stupid pizza guy


that was so funny. You should definately do a few more pranks >=o

I think

This would scare me a bit
And his name is tum =]

give me the damn 1,000,000$ !!!!!!! give it!!! >=(

lol lmao!!!!!