Reviews for "Jesus pranks Wendy's"


Wow that was ine of the funniest things I've EVER heard. EVER.


how many time did you crack up while doing this? freaking awesome.

This made me laugh. It was cool.

Jesus had a very deep voice, which was cool. The women was kinda freaked out and she didn't know what to do. The voices were done pretty well whoever was Jesus. Also, the comedy level was awesome. This prank call definitly made me laugh. I liked this prank call better then the pizza prank call. Overall, this prank call was awesome and I enjoyed hearing this! Awesome Work RageVI! :D

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We're on a one way street to hell now. xD


Like i say in the summary: LOLZ! KICKASS! But u gotta admit that would be sweet, Jesus talking to u on the phone about how ur burgers r moist and delicous