Reviews for "Jesus pranks Wendy's"


Epic fucking win.

Im gonna rate this a five everyday XD

Ive been doing that for like 3 days now. i may have that much power on a vote but. im trying xD thats funny as hell!
how did u get the jesus voice
"Tell me or youll be bored at ten-fold in the afterlife.Dont be afraid to tell me my child."


3 hours after hearing i cant stop laughing my ASS off! i mean, oh my - excuse my language... gosh!

I'd hate to disagree with Jesus but...

Wendy's is greasy shit, just like BK, McD's, Denny's and all those other restaurants.
Awesome FUnnyYYY track though 10 10 10 10 10 10


Best prank ever. I laughed the whole time. Just awesomess.