Reviews for "Jesus pranks Wendy's"


Good ending but they do talk about random stuff, which is good. Her laugh is funny

what the heck?

Umm okay so 2 prank calls got on the top 5. I like your comedy factor, but prank calls are just wrong. The woman's laugh is funny though. Anyway if this was on a prank portal site than I'd give you a good grade, but this is a place for actual music so umm 3/5 vote (the effort to make yourself look weird raised your vote) and a 5/10 rev. If I could give you a comedy factor than it would be 9/10. Anyway you remind me of bart simpson. Bye for now.


HAHAHAHA i love a prank call but this is outa the water man i love u man awesome REPECT init


dude this is funnier than ur pranks to lil cezar

It Sounds Like...

SOme alien dude is trying to take over her brain or like he is trying to hyptonize her. Though it was funny, i myself am Christian and i wouldn't see jesus ever saying that!