Reviews for "{Rose} Remastered"

Just awesome.

Only thing I could think of to make this better: more channel separation, and make the sound surround the user more - it felt like it was in front of me and beside me. But other than that, best I have heard in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

Great Song

I'll admit i like the original better, but this version it awesome too!!! I love the style of music you make.. your my favorite artist on the audio portal. keep it up.

Oh, i wanted to ask you, what music software do you use?

What a fool I am...

And here I thought the original couldn't be improved. Well done!

Bty, how would go about doing something like this? PM me the info, plz. XD



Great song. FFR ftw


Oh man that's what im talking about when i say "music" this is beatiful awesome job! I haven't heard the original one yet but this one is so fucking cool! YAY!!! :D