Reviews for "{Rose} Remastered"

10+10+10+10+10+10=off teh hizzle

awesomenesssssssss and by the time i post this it will be six '10's on the reveiw screen

Nice song

but I have a question: Was the original one supposed to be a lower key?


Once it hit :47
AAAH man. You've got a way of pumping energy into people through sound :) It's amazing.

Favorite song on Newgrounds, hands down.

Freaking amazing work. I can only dream of making something this epic. :D

(Btw, I'm really happy you remastered this, because it sounds much better than the old one)

Nice. Really nice.

I wanted to write a review that everyone would remember, but I can't, so I will stay simple.

Great song, I can listen to it again and again without getting bored. Thank you. Nothing to add.