Reviews for "{Rose} Remastered"

I L0ve the s0ng dude!!

i've played this song multiply times at flash hero and i love the song dude!

Very beautiful

5/5, 10/10
Definitely much more beautiful once it has been cleaned up. The bass is simply beautiful, and well chosen too. With the symphonic theme going on in this piece, it would have been very easy to choose an inappropriate bass, but this one compliments the strings nicely. I also like the way you used the percussion. A lot of times it overpowers the main melody and gets too repetitive, but you managed to keep it properly maintained while even giving it a section to shine by itself, which I felt was a nice break point mid-song. Beautiful high speed synths too. Music to my ears, literally.

Nice..It is awesome!!

The first one was great but this is wow.You changed everything up and clean up the beat and synth.Nice make more because i will be listening

love it

but i cant tell the difference

Excellent Song, Very Popular but Too Short

This song is absolutely perfect, and everyone I showed it to agreed and immediately downloaded the song from NG. The only complaint I have is that it was too short, I kept replaying it because I wanted more. You should seriously consider making a remix that is a longer version of basically the same song. 5/5 10/10