Reviews for "{Rose} Remastered"


Great song! This should be higher up on the list!


This is absolutely perfect, definitely my favorite from u, I also ejoyed the Halo remix, but since this is entirely yours I prefer it ^^


XOXO @ndrea ^.~

can you say

fuckin amazing!!! i can in fact i just did you amaze me im like srsly blown away you should get an emmy or what ever those trophys are that they give ppl ya know

That song caught me off guard.

I'm on dial up, So basicalyl I listen to a bit, restart, listen again, so after 5minutes of your song loading I was thinking this was just a basic trance beat. But was I ever wrong. I love how it starts out very coarse, and slowly becomes smoother and smoother. The 48second mark just competley destroyued every aspect I understood of this song. I couldn't even comprehend that was coming. I'd love to comment about every part in this song. But I just oculdnt fit it in this. Great, seriously just beyond comprehension amazing piece of work. I really Hadn't heard of you till reading something about paragon and you, being some of the great Ng composers. Wow is this ever amazing. You have such a huge amount of respect from me right now.

Seriously, I was blown away by the pieve. Thank you.

~~~Brad Kubota


This is easily my favorite NG audio portal submission. You've inspired me to make my own music (once i get some software), although mine won't be half as awesome as yours. Keep making awesome music!!