Reviews for "::Z::Dont Forget Me"

Very nice man

Yo man real heart warming stuff right here, loving it man all of it not one thing i didnt like. It fits so perfectly man make more like this im serious, im excited for the last track... Newgrounds is going to explode with the shit were about to bring !

Zajed responds:

yeah i tried to make a sad and straight beat, took me a long time to master the bass
cant wait to collab again man
thanks for the review man


Dam iz fire Breeze said old school feel wit da drums, it realy sucks that you're leaving, man the hip-hop portal is gonna be a wasteland now, a fuckin desert. Well iz ya choice man hope you come back soon and real good work on the track, favorited, downoad and a 5,
Keep it pimpin'
BN out

Zajed responds:

ya man sorry for the late response
dont worry il come back one day, i got a eye on ng to help people man
thanks for dl and 5
thanks for review

10/10 - 5

dude you and greeksta (from my personal veiw) are the best peps iv herd on ng so far, keep it going, and hope you come back soon. best of luck =)

wish it was longer..

you i like this, i just wish it was longer so i could make a nice freestyle on it. oh well good shit anyway

Nice!.../wonder how would sound with lyrics

Baby Fly High
Cutting all night,
Crying all day,
Still no one seems to notice,
that you're not okay.
No one cared,
and you knew that deep down.
But you still put up a fake smile,
instead of a real frown.
Wishing you were never born,
And that you could just die.
We would all miss you terribly,
but if you do, baby fly high.