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Reviews for "From the Dust You Whisper"

I wasn't sure how I fit in here, originally. Then I listen to the song and I actually had a 'ah, there it is' moment.

Having worked with Lich and HG (extensively) but not Phonometrologist (yet), this was fun for me to listen to and see the similarities. I loved every moment of this.

Phonometrologist responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed what you inspired. Would love to collaborate sometime, but I just don't what my role would be in the process. Something we'll have to think about in the future as I don't have much experience in working with others via online.

hey i'm no insect doctor but i think your music attracts mosquitos because i hear one buzzing by whenever i get to 4:11 in this song

Phonometrologist responds:

I assume you mean entomologist, but bro! Now I can't get that image out of my head when I hear it. Thanks a lot

Marvellous as usual, with the crafty touch of your extraordinary style, sound design and stuff. The second segment though, that was chilling work. I love how you and Peter dominating the trailer demo scene. Things looking up well for you, even if you decided not to pursue music career. There is something about your track, not just dark, but the rhythmic beats of it is pretty unique. That brought your works out away from many other cinematic work I have heard. Also your mixing is top notch. I feel like I'm repeating this on every review I left on your work, but you have the creativity on sound design that very few people have, even those in the industry. And most importantly, you capture your audience's hearts, every time.

This is my first long review after 2 years, lol. I'm adding this to my long list of collection from your work. :D Glad to see you posting stuff again. Welcome back!

Phonometrologist responds:

I'm glad to be back and that you're still here. Still have fond memories from 2013 that it's a little sad looking back not to relive some of those magical days with some of the veterans that no longer come. I'm just glad that there are still a few around.
Regarding the music, your production and poly rhythms are so enjoyable that I wanted to incorporate some of that. Still isn't quite your style, but your music inspired me nonetheless.
And of course your comments are not taken for granted, and it's always reassuring. You mentioned it in a post about being yourself in music. Too often we compare ourselves to professionals that we begin to doubt that our own voice could possibly be heard.

Oh man, the dark, malevolent, creeping atmosphere over that droning, rhythmic movement is incredible!

The vocals, synths, horns, strings in the 2nd half all mesh wonderfully.
Driven by persevering percussion, they create a very goosebumpy moment.

Outstanding work!

Phonometrologist responds:

You're going nuts with the reviews, but I'm glad you spent a moment to write one here. Thank you.

spooky D=

Phonometrologist responds:

For me, large aquariums are spooky.