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Reviews for "videogames make me kill you"

But Thats What Video Games Are!

All the stuff said in the 1st part is what videogames are!

DanPaladin responds:

CANNIBALIZED x10 combo modifier

harsh but hilarious

im gonna kill you by cannibal. 3 hours later oh no im turning into a murderer


Thats hilarious satire you got there! HAHA!


Games don't need age ratings. Games need an I.Q. rating (i cant remember where i heard this but i think it's funny) (i mean who would be dumb enough to try a MK fatality in real life?... WTF!)

Must.....Play....CALL OF DUTY o_e

Very nice, but Video Games stretch any truths, So saying that, getting games to practice "violence" Would be strecthing, any truth to the matter.

Wow, what the hell makes me think that you really care about this lol

Epic Job bro!