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Reviews for "videogames make me kill you"

Didn't liked it

it sounds, just...wrong...


Nice Dan. But I don't like the message. Its not videogame's fault. If you're easily minipulated, then you shouldn't play them, if you're not a nut case, then go ahead! But as for the audio, i liked it.


this is genius. Video games don't make you kill. In fact, they make it harder for you to kill people because they make you less active. But it shouldn't get such a bad rap, it's as armless as watching TV.


Games don't need age ratings. Games need an I.Q. rating (i cant remember where i heard this but i think it's funny) (i mean who would be dumb enough to try a MK fatality in real life?... WTF!)

Great stuff!

I love satire, and especially satire that is relevant to this site. This is my favorite audio submission from you, if only because you were awesome enough to include actual audio from people like Hillary Clinton. Sheer genius!