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Reviews for "videogames make me kill you"

Kinda funny, i'll give it 4 stars, great work though Dan.

I love it lots. Illustrates really well how vidyagames are the most recent scapegoat for violent behavior that predates its supposed causes.
I'm guessing you did the distorted voice clips yourself? ("Oh no, I'm becoming a murderer!")

This is a hilarious piece of art, definitely laughed a bit when I heard the part in the beginning 'oh no what's happening to me?'. As ridiculous as it is 5 years later the media still occasionally points a finger to games as to causing violence.
Nothing more to say, I love it.

When you said "even engage in canabalism" what game is that?...I must play it!

DanPaladin responds:

That clip is from Hillary Clinton and I have no idea what game that is in reference to because she wasn't naming any

deeply disturbing?