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Reviews for "videogames make me kill you"

'Im gettin down to dis!'

I like the sillyness of the tune facing off the over-the-top audio rips.

Amazing Juxtaposition

Well developed melody, great use of audio clips and a neat feel all the way through.. Maybe I'm reading too deep into it, but I saw the happy melody as a theme for early video games while the darker side was representative of modern, more violent video games.

Maybe looking into it too much
Either way I greatly enjoyed this and it was a great piece from start to finish

Great music, with a thought provoking message

Dan Paladin's latest musical addition carries a hauntingly beautiful melody from start to finish, all the while forcing the listener to question the current state of videogames in the media. He breaks down the soggy myth of videogame-induced violence and inevitably uncovers the truth...that the anti-gaming activists' "evidence" supporting their claim is as solid as a piece of wet balsa wood. 'videogames make me kill you' is a think piece, and we all had better do some serious contemplating.