Reviews for "Birds"

i actually really recently got into petscop and im just wondering what this track samples from it, i dont hear any of the themes in there. the very intro or outro probably are

Cacola responds:

none of it's sampled from Petscop, i just wanted to embody the vibe and aesthetic through my own style.

Hot diggety dang, them some spicy beats!

Love this.

I love it. this just might be my new favorite :)
I would literally pay for your music to be on Spotify

Cacola responds:

i use too many samples lol, but maybe someday. thank you though~

Parts of this things melody sounds like Mystic Mansion from Sonic Heroes, I'm pretty sure this is unintentional but the theme is "Dark" so it could be intentional for all I know.

It's definitely more like what I enjoy, a lot more DNB style, with light softer synths and such.

Fun and bouncy. Sort of.

I am bad at critique lol

Cacola responds:

Thank you for the review! Spooky theme was intentional, though Mystic Mansion wasn't a direct inspiration, the song was inspired by these videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e6RK8o1fcs&t=1s