Reviews for "NG is Under Attack! Pt.2"

Funny and Violent

Lol, this was much better than the previous episode...I laughed when I saw Jason and Pa drive out in the pickup. The part with the assassin guy was an excellent touch, as well as Pico and the rest of Tom's army of characters.


I`ve always wanted to see a brawl like this!
But wait, where is alien Hominid?

It can get better

I cant really blame you for having amazing graphics because you did not make all these characters.
I think this would of beem alot better if it was a really equal fight like the fight on LOTR 2: The two towers you know the battle for minas tirith lol i sound like a nerd but i have only watched it like 23 times

This flash could be alot better try the things i said i think they will help alot


yet another fucking great flash from the best fucking flash artist on the whole of newgrounds i am your #1 fan u r the best on negrounds games and movies u rock newgrounds dont stop making flash u submit it and ill be there to protect it when is 3 coming out g2g u rock


hurry the fuck up to making the next one i wanna see wat happens plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!