Reviews for "NG is Under Attack! Pt.2"

Funny, yes. Crappy, no!

It made me laugh a bit but i didn't really get some of it which would of made it funnier.Excellent style of killing in this pretty varied. Liked it a lot overall


I really cant wait till the 3th part!!:-D

nothing better then this

its WAS GREAT i loved the part when the assasin shot the agent and the leader sayed'' is hes here... that must mean''....

btw i found something out, when i was viewing this movie then i was hearing the theme music of mortal kombat at the same time and i found it was REALLY better on the movie


A really cool movie.
I really liked it. I get shills when Tom is angry about the NG-building and walking towards the archives. I really thought that he would kick all the lawyers asses, himself. But your idea was cool as well.
Only one thing. Where were the DK-projekt?
I think that more and more are forgetting them.
But I really liked it. Keep it up.

this rox!!!!!!!!!!!

this shit is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love it when he looks at time magazine and sees base in it!!! frekin cool!
do the second one quick i cant wait