Reviews for "NG is Under Attack! Pt.2"

reall good man

i liked the ending a lot. usually i don't write good, positive reviews, but you earned it. I know how long that must have taken you, so i commend you. Damn good work. But in some places, the graphics were pretty shitty. Howeevr, the ending made it all worth while. Good job man!!

And the bad part was???

Oh damn that was the funniest shit ever...Not to mention the nice touch with swift and alot better than the old one. Can't see why anyone would hate it caz it has an appearance of just about every "popular" flash character in there. Major Congrats. Worth the time and effort...if any was put in;)


big black guy named ben's appearance was definitely called for, as we havent heard from him for years! it looked amazing when assassin blew the guys head apart!

EXCELLANT,couldnt of done it better myself!!

This movie was Excellant.This thing had SO many awesome parts to it that i cant even begin to tell you about them.Needless to say when Tom went to the Archives, I knew who he was bustin out to help.I give this movie a 10, 10 a fucken 10!!!


Do I think this deserves to be this high ranked? Well... no, no I don't. Sure the graphics are better than average, length is good in a way. Main problem. 'Fucking hell that was one of the most boring movies I've watched on here' It got better towards the end but I still can't believe I watched it all the way through. Atleast the shitty little animations arn't boring to watch, I actually got seriously bored while watching this and that is very hard to make me do so you gotta have some credit on that, do the animation and stuff but plz plz plz get some other person to think up the ideas, yours are boring as fuck.