Reviews for "NG is Under Attack! Pt.2"


Guy, this is the better thing i ever seen! It's the join of all my fav charaters! and as i see, pico with sure will kick ass on side of cassandra. (must... see.. part 3 *die*)

Better than part one, probably because of violence

I love hardcore violence and parts like the shotgun blowing the dudes head into pieces was a classic scene, definatly an improvement on part 1.

Great...but i dont get one thing...

What's our beef with BBC? are they/have they been a real problem or did you just randomly choose an enemy?

this is cool

this is so cool i can not wait to see the last one go newgrounds kick the emenys ass
sorry i am so hyper

dude wheres part 3???

>< this is awesome!! i want to watch the last aprt, how des this end???? CHYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

(look at that, you got me so excited i cant even type fucking right)

d(>v<)b CHYAAA!!! ~AWESOME!!!