Reviews for "NG is Under Attack! Pt.2"

it was preaty good

it was nice oh and i got a question the real non stick animation is it in frame by frame of motion tween plz answer this i am a noob at flash.....

I liked it

i thought it was great! the music was pretty cool, if repetitive, and the violence factor had some great variety, unlike my adjectives...

the music was too loud for me to be able to understand the big black guy though (whose name i'll guess, from the credits, is Ben).

Good job overall though.

A 1 for interactivity b/c the update button in the beginning

3 Stars

Its good not to bad not to good make the third one less violent
and make the file things in it :)


i cant wait for the next! its... its... just... AWESOME!!!!!!!

Loved It!

That is the best movie ever! I cant wait for part three!