Reviews for "Airborn (Pulstated)"

Real trance

This is what real trance is supposed to sound like ;)...good job man

Pulstate responds:

Real trance is coming back.


Nicely done :D

hey Pulstate!

8 minutes?! Woooh... didn't think it was possible to compress a song this much, yet keep it at the quality you have here... I'm left wondering how exactly this piece would sound full quality!

What impresses me even more besides the low compression/quality, is the fact you've managed to keep you kicks meaty and full of impact! Very nicely done!

My favorite part is around 2:08, where the song begins to pick up. Very nicely done... it almost in my opinion borders above the trance energy levels i'm accustomed to hearing.

That is another point i'd like to make, for a trance song this piece moves around an awful lot, and by NO means do I intend that as a negative. I'm often used to sitting here listening to a very very slow gradual progression with most trance pieces, but this moves around ample, whilst maintaining that trance like state.

I do not have much to say in terms of critique, I don't have anything for you, but I wanted to drop my support! Keep up the good fight and keep em coming!

Pulstate responds:

Maestro! Long time no see man, how are you?

I am being taught how to edit sound and create music by Daniel Kandi, who i must say, is the best producer and editor in the world at the moment. He showed me compression tricks. ;)

'' for a trance song this piece moves around an awful lot '' - Yes, this is my style for the future, trance has been criticised too frequently for repetition in the past. I'm going to keep the long 8 - 10 min tracks, but even more exciting and NEVER repetitive. =)

Thanks for a friendly review.

I really like the flow of this.

Although about the quality, this song is fantastic! I like the little small bellthing synth, nice melodys, nice bassline, nice drums. Overall great song! Great job on this! Keep producing! :D

Pulstate responds:

Quality had to be like this to get all of the track in, it's 8 mins you know! =D

Nice :)

Reason ftw yo!

I usually listen to euro trance with insane saw synths, but this is still trance, its quite hypnotic, and I like it. Your synth work and automation is great, reason is that good of course :)

your beat mastering is really good too

i like :)

Pulstate responds:

Thanks alot mate, Reason is indeed quite wonderful. :)


is that a twitch =\ ..

oh no its just my legs movin cuz this is a fuckin tune!

nice work.

Pulstate responds:

Heh! Thanks mate, PM me if you want full quality!