Reviews for "Airborn (Pulstated)"

Realy Good

I always look forward to a pulsated song knowing that i am going to like it, even before I hear it. Your kicks are very well done, and the flow of this song is amazing. Once again man, you have created a really professional sounding song. Keep up the good work.


Pulstate responds:

Thanks alot, its good that you have adjusted to the, '' Pulstated, '' theme and not just, Pulstate remix or w/e.

Cheers !


This is perfect it is so amazing! It makes you feel like your gently floating in water seeing everything go by, it is also good for sleeping! But in a good way! Keep up the good work, and don't stop coming out with song 'cause they're great!

Pulstate responds:

I won't stop, don't worry.



dunno how you made this, but man this is freaking awesome for some one who's 15!

Pulstate responds:

Heh, i think it involved opening a music program and then going from there! =)

Friendly joke mate, thank you for a great review!



dude it's artest like you that keep me off limewire for techno, trance etc. YOU ROCK KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

Pulstate responds:

Will do!

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pure talent

its people like u who save this sight. u put effort n ur not 1 of thos fags who puts a zero on everything better then wat they got. I have respect for thos who do better then me and make me do better in what i do. LOVE this song go bigger then newgrounds. N if any one gives this a zero or a bad grade go suck a dick and get ur ass fucked because u deserve it. once again man great work ull be hearing from me alot more if u got more songs comeing. GO BIG DUDE!

Pulstate responds:

Thanks mate, i intend on going big, but retaining my head on the ground, i don't want to be a superstar but an influence. :)

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